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Welcome to Internet Marketing with Integrity logo with integrity principlesThanks for visiting, our online resource that guides you on Internet Marketing, with integrity.

Whether you are a small business owner getting started online or scaling up; or an individual looking to make money on the Web, part-time or full-time, this website can be a good starting point for all.

Business owners can consider the various Internet Marketing services and solutions we offer, while self starters can learn from the examples we provide. And everyone can benefit from the information, tips and tools available on

Head over to the respective section below to learn what’s in store for you.

For Small Business Owners

We know that many small businesses lack the knowledge and skills to set up their web presence. Many also feel that a large marketing budget is needed to do so. These reasons alone can cause them to either delay or even ignore going online.

Some business owners are aware what being in the Internet world is about. They see their competitors have set up websites. They hear from their customers how things are done differently; and in a fun way too. They might be asked when they will get onto the Web.

What’s important is for these offline owners to decide on an approach to get started. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution here; don’t believe what the run-of-the-mill Internet Marketing services tell you. Just as each business is unique, so is how they start online.

In the core, that’s what is about: helping small business owners get online, in a correct way which matches their current business situations.

Click Hereto get in touch with us if you’d like to know more of how we can help*.

*Note: We currently work with businesses based in Singapore only. More areas to come later.

For Self Starters

Are you looking for workable methods to make money online? Is the easy and quick-money hype getting to you and making you sick? Perhaps you are disheartened, poorer or even desperate — a victim of unethical Internet Marketing tactics?

Whatever your reasons, you continue to look around for solutions which may lead you to real results. And somehow, you landed here. If you are willing to put in the required effort, we are here to help.

Bear in mind there is no quick way to achieve online success. We tell you this in the face, in case you are still dreaming and hoping the next idea promoted by some IM gurus will be your final answer. Wake up! Stop dreaming and start working.

If what we are saying up till here isn’t what you’d like to hear, please close your Web browser and leave this site. It doesn’t appear you are ready to treat Internet Marketing as serious business. By the way, this isn’t the correct attitude to begin with.

However, if you feel you got what it takes to persevere in what might be a long journey, check out the IM tools and various how-to articles on our website to get started. And let us know how you are doing as you learn to make money online.