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Internet Marketing Starter Kit

If you are new to Internet Marketing, you need to know what IM tools and services to buy or sign up for. Don’t be fooled, online marketing is a business and must be treated as such, including proper setup, startup capital and continual investment. Read this HubPages article for an idea how much it may cost.

Others may not tell you openly or at all, but there are costs involved in Internet Marketing. Perhaps they don’t want to scare you away from their product offers, so they keep mum and lull you into thinking that you can make an online income with those products alone. Nothing is further from the truth.

Internet Marketing Newbies, Start Right!

For those of you who relate to our Internet Marketing with Integrity mindset, here’s an Internet Marketing Starter Kit to get you going. This isn’t an exhaustive list, nor does it intentionally contain premium products for the sole purpose of earning big commissions. In any case, pay attention to the FTC Disclosure below.

FTC Disclosure

The ads and text links shown below should be assumed to contain Affiliate Marketing codes, unless otherwise mentioned. When you click on such an ad or text link (which has an embedded code) and decide to follow through with a purchase, may be paid a commission. The product vendors and service providers will decide if a sale qualifies to earn commission and how much is paid out.

The Kit suggests a set of tools and services which you can consider, based on what you are currently lacking in your IM toolbox.

Domain Registration

Domain Registrations starting at $9.98*

Registering domains at Namecheap is both fast and easy. And their prices are always low, all year round. Occasionally, they’d run exceptional promotions where prices go even lower; and contests where great prizes can be won.

Most notably, Namecheap offers free WhoisGuard privacy protection for the first year with every new domain registered or transferred, where applicable.

Web Hosting Services

SiteGround Web Hosting ad

For web hosting, you can start off with a lower-end package that allows you to host one domain. We recommend SiteGround’s StartUp Plan.

Click on the ad to visit SiteGround; then browse their available web hosting plans and current prices to better understand the features of StartUp. New users can enjoy great savings on signing up, so don’t miss out on their deals!

Note: We no longer recommend Hostgator, as reports confirmed they sold out quietly to a third party “hosting aggregator” which is known to dish out lower-quality web services after taking over. With SiteGround, we stand to make much less commissions; but your interests come first, always!

Keyword Research

Google’s Keyword Planner (formerly known as Keyword Tool), a component of its Adwords program, is probably the most-used keyword research tool. It’s free; provides reasonable breadth and depth; and more importantly, the data is from Google. And so this free tool is a great way to get started looking for niche markets to make money from.

Click hereto open the Keyword Planner (in a separate tab/window); sign-in to an Adwords account is required.

Note: Google has retired its popular Keyword Tool as noted here. Keyword Planner is its successor, and this integrates the functionality of Traffic Estimator as well. You’d now need an Adwords account, which is free to sign up, to use this new keyword tool.

SECockpit - Keyword Research Done Right

Keyword research can be a very mundane process, especially when you need to do lots of cross-referencing for competition analysis and also to refine your data.

Rather than be bogged down, get the job done super fast and inject some fun into the whole process as well. With SECockpit, you can do more with less.

However, SECockpit is very pricey and may not be suitable for beginners who could be more cash-strapped. Still, it’s worth to have a look at how this keyword research tool works — seeing is believing! — by attending a free webinar session. Just register here for the next one.

Email Marketing

Mad Mimi Email Marketing

When it comes to creating and managing Email lists, your focus should be on adding value to your list members, rather than being befuddled by complex Email Marketing software.

Mad Mimi makes it easy and puts you in control of staying in touch with your audience. And when your list size grows, Mimi is there to make sure you got more room. Simple and nice — there’s a method in the “madness”!

Photos and Images

Stock Photos from 123RF

Images and photos make your website look attractive and help convey your message. But don’t use them without permission lest you be plagued with copyright issues.

The correct way to use photos and images is to buy royalty-free copies which are specifically allowed for your use. A good source is 123RF Stock Photos, the leading global provider of content with some 22 million pieces of digital assets.

Sometimes you may be able to get free pics when a special-deal window opens. Check them out to see if you can find something which fits your purpose and save some money.

Content Generation

SEO Services

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