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Posted by on Oct 2, 2013 in Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing |

Internet Marketing Gurus In Action – Milking Their Lists, FWIW

Amass $$ on the Internet by selling on Amazon?Heard about this epic re-launch of an Internet Marketing system that could make you tens of thousands, even $100k per month? You simply can’t miss it, cause many of the top gun IM gurus are all on board pushing this product to their list members…

It is true that lack of integrity in Internet Marketing prevails. Any IM product can launch with bold claims of online riches and some secret methods to get you there. Truth be told, product creators aren’t always the ones who are guilty of bad practices; those affiliates who market such products bring a bad name to online marketing as well.

Note: The author has not seen nor used the said system, which may well work for some people going by the various success stories. This article is solely about how big money can show up the ugly side of Internet Marketing, where the consumer stands to lose.

Amassed on Amazon – Riches and Fortunes Untold; Now Revealed?

Case in point: the ongoing re-launch of a system which teaches how to earn big bucks by selling on Amazon. First brought to the market in March this year, it was an instant hit with the ever-hungry IM market. So successful that its makers have said it raked in a cool $6 million; and half of this was paid to affiliate marketers!

Without doubt, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill Internet product. It’s a high-end offer that was sold at nearly $3500 apiece; and higher if paid by installments. A quick calculation suggests that some 1600 people had joined the program initially — heady numbers indeed, as serious money was made by those IM gurus who had participated.

This Amazon course targets the selling of physical products using the #1 online shopping platform. One can’t help but wonder if it’s priced right, a topic hotly debated in certain IM forums. We can only surmise it’s been priced attractively, as in being able to draw in IM gurus by the hordes with more-than-generous commissions.

Whether the product is accessible to people who may benefit from it seems to be of secondary importance. After all, there will always be somebody out there desperate enough for online success to part with more money than is deemed reasonable. And so, pushing this re-launch to their list subscribers makes good sense for the gurus.

Making History Repeat Itself…

With the reopening, these make-money-on-Amazon program creators appear very confident of success: they are offering affiliates some solid pre-launch prices. Even guaranteed payouts of $5 per Email lead — hey, that PDF download isn’t there for fun. Their JV leader board shows the top few promoters are already “insured”, so to speak.

No wonder the big IM gurus are busy sending you well-crafted stories and telling you to click their links to watch some pre-sale videos. And with launch date getting nearer, they are starting to show their hands by wooing you with “incredible” bonuses. All makings of a huge re-launch; no surprise if history repeats itself in record sales.

Greed Rears Its Ugly Head

If your guru hasn’t been in touch but has now shown up, you can bet he or she wants your attention and what’s in your wallet. And if you are on several lists, your inbox suddenly gets busier during this period as marketers fight tooth and nail over each other to gain your favour.

With such hefty commission payouts (more than $1700 per sale!) and participation rewards for affiliate marketers – BTW, only those with huge lists need apply, which explains the usual suspects of IM gurus – you can’t blame them for their excitement. This invariably translates into list subscribers being milked with much enthusiasm.

Judging by the promo Emails coming in, 3 familiar types of affiliate marketers are hitting this mega launch — we shall look at who they are in another article. Whichever group they belong to, such online marketers care only about thing: what’s in it for them.

If you’re lucky, the Internet Marketing guru you bought from may go further to share with you how he or she used the system to score big. But don’t count on it as that’s likely to be few and far between. Accept that you are only in the picture because you could be one of those buying.

Caveat Emptor, As Always

So where does that leave the consumers? If integrity were not a key operating principle, they would just be taken for the ride, wouldn’t they? But only if they know and recognize the situation, it seems. Sad to say, there may be some truth that “a sucker is born every minute”.

Don’t get us wrong. We know how IM product creators make their living and they need (and pay) affiliate marketers for their part in helping them sell products. And most people online want the big bucks and an easier way to get them. After all, wasn’t that the lure of online marketing in the first place?

Then again, do IM marketers really care about integrity? Should they, given the stiff competition out there? We know there are good guys online and it is our hope more will join their camp for the overall good of Internet Marketing.

At the end of the day, it’s your money and your decision whether to buy or not. Keep your eyes open and peeled on the claims in those cleverly crafted sales letters which are teasing you to bite without reason. Always do your pre-purchase research and stay away from shiny object syndrome!

What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you share a similar view of Internet Marketing with integrity? Seen for yourself some of the stuff we mentioned? Perhaps we are barking up the wrong tree: nothing is expected to change as long as IM exists. Share your thoughts with our readers by leaving your comments below.