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Posted by on Oct 11, 2013 in Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing |

Does Email Marketing Betray The Internet Marketer’s Real Agenda?

IM gurus milking the cowAs we watched the re-launch of that high-ticket selling-on-Amazon system over the past 7 days or so, several familiar patterns have emerged, which weren’t at all surprising.

The Internet Marketing scene has become so predictable that anyone who has had some exposure could almost foretell the on-goings and outcome of a product launch. Especially when the product is being pushed so relentlessly hard.

Affiliate Marketers Hitting Hard or Faking It with Email Marketing

By now, the typical member of an IM guru’s Email list would likely be feeling overwhelmed, lost, tired, frustrated, etc, if the guru has been busy promoting and selling. Perhaps, the priming has conditioned the member, who is now tempted to buy the product.

People doing online marketing usually follow more than one “mentor”, so this last week alone would have seen many an inbox inundated with tons of Emails. Even if you subscribed to just one list, you could have received 10 or more, depending on how aggressive your chosen guru has been promoting as an affiliate.

Familiar Affiliate Marketer Types

When you look at the various promotional Emails that came in — and they are still coming in — you could basically discern 3 types of affiliate marketers going after the big launch. While the example in this article is that Amazon system, the product actually doesn’t matter.

We bring you the lowdown here:

  • Type I Marketer — Been There, Done That

    Some gurus have been successful with selling on Amazon, albeit using methods different from the system they’re promoting, e.g. via drop shipping or as Amazon affiliates. So, when these guys say Amazon made them money, they aren’t lying, technically.

    But if they “forget” to mention their methods explicitly, would that be ethical? Sure, they have got sales and profits to show for it, figures which can be quite convincing. It seems quite natural that success and the promoted product are on the same side.

  • Type II Marketer — Believe Me, I’m the Guru

    There are folks who haven’t yet made inroads into Amazon selling or have made little to be of influence. These marketers are not telling the whole truth if they allude to the promoted system being one of their solutions to online riches.

    Integrity is thrown out of the window here while greed takes over in milking the list. As they say, “the money is in the list,” right? No wrong if you are an Internet Marketing guru, right again? Would you believe and follow such IM gurus who don’t walk the talk?

  • Type III Marketer — Just Shepherd and Steer ‘Em

    The last group are affilate marketers who attempt to stay neutral, perhaps more conscious about not flouting FTC rules. These guys just direct their subscribers to promotional material presented by the product creators and sellers.

    In this instance, members are shown a set of videos with opt-in boxes to receive free info PDFs — signing up locks in the guru’s referrals and let the product creators promote in parallel via more Emails! Clever way, but do they deserve to be rewarded when you buy?

Bonuses with Purchase — Really Useful, Bribe or Plain Distraction?

Without fail, every IM guru is using the give-members-some-bonus-to-win-them-over marketing tactic, dangling their carrots to entice their list members to purchase through them. This form of marketing has all become too prevalent and is a competition in itself.

Sure, bonuses may look like a good deal, but are they of any real use? Can they help bring a member nearer to being successful online? Let’s review some of those bonuses being offered, such as:

  • Software tools
  • iPads
  • One-on-one special coaching
  • Membership in exclusive mastermind groups

We’ve even heard that some affiliate marketer is helping fund the buyer’s account for procuring goods to sell on Amazon. Interesting approach, but doesn’t that look like an outright cash rebate? Isn’t this frowned upon and disallowed in the affiliate seller’s agreement?

The iPad giveaway is not without issue either, as the item can be easily sold; also, it’s probably more a luxury piece than something that can assist in your learning to sell things on Amazon. Wouldn’t you rather pay less for the product you are buying in the first place?

Most software tools offered as bonuses have inflated values and their real benefit is unclear. Oftentimes, they don’t supplement well with nor complement the product you are planning to buy; more likely, they’ll end up in that shiny treasure chest of unopened “goodies”!

It’s Almost Never Really About You

Perhaps the best bet is the one-on-one coaching offer — if you’re lucky, the guru you bought from may share with you how he/she used the system to bank those high numbers.

Joining a mastermind group with active participants is probably ok, provided the discussions and help are relevant. Beware though, it is also a platform for other gurus to sell things to you.

The bottom line is that marketers are only after one thing: big-time commissions, like more than $1.5k per sale for this Amazon system! Perhaps winning some prizes as well — some $200k worth in cash or in kind has been set aside as affiliate awards!

Dash To The Finish Line — Are You Missing The Chance?

With barely a day to go before doors are shut on the Amazon-selling opportunity, the final push — another usual Internet Marketing move — is just about to happen. IM gurus would be scrambling to secure their commissions and possibly top places on the leader’s board for that extra promotion bonus payout.

List subscribers can thus expect to see heightened Emailing and generous advice about not missing out on that one-in-a-lifetime ticket to success. And the scarcity dial could be turned up several notches to shake those on the fence into action.

But the truth remains this: it’s not “now or never” for you. Those wheels will turn again when the next opportunity to rake in serious comms come by again with another big product introduction.

Stay Resolved — Don’t Be Pushed Around By IM Gurus

Never forget that you don’t need everything gurus are selling to make money online, just those products and systems you are comfortable with (and that include their prices and promises).

As you learn more about those online mentors you follow, you’d start to separate those marketers who value integrity from others who don’t. It can be helpful to start unsubscribing from some lists when you know which type of marketer each one is.

Most importantly, it is your commitment to see it through that ultimately brings results — that is something which can’t be bought nor substituted. Take action and stay the course!