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Does Email Marketing Betray The Internet Marketer’s Real Agenda?

Posted by on Oct 11, 2013 in Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing |

As we watched the re-launch of that high-ticket selling-on-Amazon system over the past 7 days or so, several familiar patterns have emerged, which weren’t at all surprising. The Internet Marketing scene has become so predictable that anyone who has had some exposure could almost foretell the on-goings and outcome of a product launch. Especially when the product is being pushed so relentlessly hard. Affiliate Marketers Hitting Hard or Faking It with Email Marketing By now, the typical member of an IM guru’s Email list would likely be feeling overwhelmed, lost, tired, frustrated, etc, if the guru has been busy promoting and selling. Perhaps, the priming has conditioned the member,...

Internet Marketing Gurus In Action – Milking Their Lists, FWIW

Posted by on Oct 2, 2013 in Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing |

Heard about this epic re-launch of an Internet Marketing system that could make you tens of thousands, even $100k per month? You simply can’t miss it, cause many of the top gun IM gurus are all on board pushing this product to their list members… It is true that lack of integrity in Internet Marketing prevails. Any IM product can launch with bold claims of online riches and some secret methods to get you there. Truth be told, product creators aren’t always the ones who are guilty of bad practices; those affiliates who market such products bring a bad name to online marketing as well. Note: The author has...

False Scarcity Internet Marketing – Are You Hurting Your Integrity?

Posted by on May 28, 2013 in Ad Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Featured, IM Tools, Social Marketing |

Have you come across web pages that show a count-down timer letting you know that a good Internet Marketing offer — for that matter, any product offer — is going to expire soon? And with that, prices will go back up to their original high figures afterwards, membership will close forever, or the like? I bet you have, and may have seen many of these. Is there any truth in those offers? Does the situation change after expiry as the product marketers have claimed? Could it just be a kind of marketing tactic to get would-be prospects to act, opening their wallets in a moment of weakness? The answers:...